Amar Rao

Startup Mentor, Software Architect, Investor

Helping organizations get product-market fit and scale

My Mission

To help organizations to build and train teams to build scalable, sustainable, and state-of-the-art products. Inspire entrepreneurs to innovate and improve their time-to-market and also guide them through the investor ecosystem. Incubate and nurture ideas from drawing board to commercial successes.

Startup Mentoring

Guiding startups to improve on their ideas, create and convey their plans to customers and investors, build teams to create the products, launching and testing their product and/or service with end-users, and if needed help startups pivot based on feedback from the industry. 

Product Development

By utilizing a product development methodology which put the needs of the customer at the centre and also with a view of ensuring faster time-to-market, we can help you deliver successful software products. I have substantial experience in building a vast array of applications ranging from mission critical enterprise applications to mobile applications providing immersive product experiences.


The advent of AI, ML, 5G, IoT, and Data analytics has ushered in uncertainty and volatility and is forcing businesses to innovate and transform. Every business has to reinvent to ensure they continue to compete and deliver value to their customers. I can provide strategic consulting and deliver actionable recommendations needed to improve your organization and bolster the resilience to the changing environment.